Sunday, February 20, 2011

Halo: Challenge Tips

Due to some recent issues, this post is a couple of days late. Here goes:

If you are a Halo fan, you know that Halo Reach has a Challenge system where you are able to earn cR (The in-game currency) by completing certain goals. Through my playing, I have come up with a system for most easily earning each of these challenges. Here it is:

For challenges like Shootin' and Lootin' and Blastin' and Relaxin' (Which requires several hundred kills to earn the cR) the easiest way to complete them is to go into the Firefight playlist, give yourself bottomless clipped power weapons, invincibility and only Grunts spawning. This should make it incredibly easy to get the hundreds of kills necessary for the Challenges.

For Multiplayer challenges like Headshot Honcho (Which requires a large amount of head shots to earn), the easiest way to earn it is to go to the SWAT playlist. This playlist forces you to get head shots to gain first place, which makes the challenge relatively easy to complete.

For Campaign challenges like Legendary Pals (Which requires you to complete a mission on Legendary with certain Skulls [Difficulty Modifiers] on and possibly not dying the entire time), the easiest mission is Winter Contingency. Nearly the entire first half of this mission has no enemies, which makes it very easy to complete. There are also several hotspots of enemies that can be completely bypassed by different routes.

For Firefight challenges that require certain maps to acquire a certain amount of kills on, here are some tips: Use Score Attack. This playlist allows you to veto through every single possible map until you get to the one you want. For Firefight challenges requiring certain weapons kills, there is a new and very helpful playlist called Firefight Arcade. This contains many gametypes such as FRG Fight (Which has Fuel Rod [A heavy weapon] and Needler [An automatic weapon, which can also be used to complete Pink Mist challenges which require Needler kills] *starts), Rocket Fight (Which has Rocket Launcher [Another heavy weapon] and Pistol [A small arms weapon] starts) and Sniper Fight (Which has Sniper Rifle [A precision weapon, used to complete Firefight headshot and precision weapon challenges easily] and Pistol starts). The gameplay in the Firefight Arcade is fast and fun, but takes a bit of time to get used to.

For Multiplayer Kill challenges (Requiring a certain amount of Multiplayer kills), the best playlist is Invasion. The gametypes included in this playlist last at least 10 minutes, which gives plenty of time to get a large amount of kills. You should find it easy to earn the challenges this way.

Lastly, for Campaign challenges requiring weapon kills such as precision weapon kills and grenade kills, the mission Sword Base is the best. You start with a DMR and a couple of grenades and almost immediately run into a squad of easy to kill Grunts. You can either use the DMR for head shots (Scoring Precision Weapon kills) or hurl a grenade or two their way (Scoring Grenade kills).

These are the most common Challenges. I hope this helps you in future times.

If you have read this and still wish to learn about how to complete a challenge easily, feel free to ask about it in the comment box.

*A "Start" means that those are the weapons you originally spawn with.

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