Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Halo: Defiance Map Pack

While surfing YouTube recently, I came across this Video Advertising The New Halo Reach DLC Map Pack.

The music is incredible. It sounds like the soundtrack to a war movie, which perfectly portrays the fighting going on in the video.

The narration too adds a feeling that you a watching a preview to a history documentary or action movie. (At first he sounded too young, but the enthusiasm in his voice seemed to fix that).

The video first shows the map "Unearthed". It seems to be a perfect addition to the Firefight maps, not being too big and definitely not too small. It also seems to be a vehicle based map, which is something that has been missing in Halo since the "Lost Platoon" Firefight map in Halo 3: ODST. Lost Platoon was an instant classic, so I have no doubt that this one will be too.

"Condemned" is shown next. The view outside to Reach's star almost seems like something from Dead Space, and brings a really interestingly eerie feel to it. I enjoy space maps very much, so I can see this being a favorite, if not just for the view.

The last map, "Highlands" is the one I can't wait for. It seems like a remake of something from the first Halo game, but it most definitely is not. It has a classic feel to it, but the Covenant Cruiser glassing the planet in the background proves that there is nothing old about it. The scene outside the map is spectacular and frightening, and it's scale is exactly what is expected of a Halo game....Massive. The inside of the map is not lacking in size either, as it seems to be a mainly vehicle controlled map, with plenty of areas for sniper fire. The lush landscape, plenty of area to move in and incredible Skybox (As the sky and background area in video games is called) make this a truly great map.

Overall, this video made me very anxious to buy the map pack. I cannot wait for it's release in March.

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